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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular and gratifying cosmetic surgeries. Patients considering breast augmentation often wonder how soon they will recover from the procedure.

What can I expect from breast augmentation surgery?

During your initial consultation, Dr. Nadeau will discuss all of your breast augmentation options, including the type, size, and location of implants. Dr. Nadeau will carefully examine your cups and discuss your goals to curate the ideal breast augmentation treatment plan.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed under general anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. During the surgery, Dr. Nadeau will create well-concealed incisions and a pocket for the breast implants. Dr. Nadeau proceeds with precision, ensuring there aren’t any complications, and ensuring your incision marks aren’t visible.

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What happens after breast augmentation surgery?

  • Post-operation: You will be woken up after the breast augmentation surgery is complete. The lingering effects of general anesthesia will make you feel groggy and sore, loosely similar to a hangover. You will be placed in observation, so we can monitor the recovery and ensure that no complications develop. After a few hours, you will be released to be driven back home by a trusted friend or a loved one.
  • 1 week after surgery: The first week after the procedure may be uncomfortable. Dr. Nadeau will prescribe painkillers to manage pain and discomfort, and the swelling from the surgery will start receding. Ice packs and a healthy diet will help tremendously in reducing swelling.
  • 2 weeks after surgery: Most women can resume non-intensive activities and work within two weeks of the procedure. After the first few days, you can manage the lingering pain and discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers. Most women can start resuming light exercises and activities after the first two-three weeks, however, would not be able to resume work at a labor-intensive job. Swelling will continue receding, and you’ll start feeling more like yourself.
  • 1 month after surgery: At this time, you may be cleared to resume most daily activities and regular work. You will still be advised to avoid heavy exercises and strenuous activities, such as running, swimming, or heavy weight lighting. Your swellings would have died down, and the incision scars will begin to fade away.
  • 3 months after surgery: Your cosmetic surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to gauge your recovery progress. Your augmented breasts will feel natural, having perfectly settled into their new home.
  • 6 months after surgery: All incision scars would have faded completely, and your breasts will look perfectly natural.
  • 1 year after surgery: Your breasts will feel 100% natural, an integrated part of your body. You can continue fully living your life with your new and gorgeous silhouette.

Please note that everyone’s body is different, so there’s no hard-and-fast timeline for recovery after the breast augmentation surgery. The aforementioned periods are a rough guideline, and some patients may recover sooner, while some may require a more protracted recovery period. Your cosmetic surgeon will also carefully discuss post-operative care and recovery after the procedure, with advice that will help you recover the fastest.

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