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How Long Does Blepharoplasty Surgery Take, and Will I Need Someone to Accompany Me?


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be an exciting step forward in rejuvenating your upper face, as it can trim away the excess fat and skin in the eyelids that lead to an angry, depressed, or disgruntled facial expression. Drooping eyelids may also impair vision, making blepharoplasty among the top procedures, both cosmetic and functional, performed by plastic surgeons in the Seattle area.  Once you’re sure that you want to pursue blepharoplasty, you might have some concerns, and “How long will my surgery take?” is probably among the top questions you’d like the answer to...

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How many times can you get eyelid surgery?


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is extremely popular amongst patients with sagging eyelids. As you grow older, various factors make your eyelids droop downwards, giving you an old, tired, or grumpy appearance...

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How can I make my Botox results last longer?


Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic injectables for a good reason—it can transform your old- and tired-seeming face to a vision of youthful exuberance with just a few shots. All it takes is a few carefully-delivered injections by a board-certified doctor or surgeon, and voila—wrinkle-free skin within a week. However, like most cosmetic injectables, Botox provides temporary results that usually last for 3 to 6 months...

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Winter's Most Popular Plastic Surgeries


Wondering what plastic surgery treatments are best to get in the winter? Looking your best has never been easier. Our collection of plastic surgery treatments perfect for wintertime is sure to help you realize that those layers don’t have to hide your greatest features, but might just help your body recover from surgery in the comfort of your holiday home...

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Should I Be Worried About An Inverted Nipple?


One of the things we take for granted about the human body is that the nipples always point outward. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case—some people suffer from inverted nipples, a condition wherein the nipples actually retract inwards, or invert. Having inverted nipples isn’t inherently a cause for concern; some people are simply born that way...

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How can I appear younger without surgery?


Plastic surgery is now more popular than ever for many reasons. Advanced plastic surgery techniques allow plastic surgeons to produce results that look natural and never betray signs of cosmetic manipulation...

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What’s the Difference Between Liposuction and A Tummy Tuck?


Liposuction and abdominoplasty (aka “tummy tuck”) are the two most popular surgical procedures for the midsection. Both procedures aim to make your stomach appear flatter and tighter...

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What breast surgery is right for me?


Breast surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. However, a common misconception is that cosmetic breast surgery is all about breast augmentation...

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How can I fix my droopy eyelids?


Are you suffering from droopy eyelids? Do your eyelids droop downwards, hooding over your eyes? While droopy eyelids don’t cause any pain or discomfort, they can be a source of considerable shame and social-anxiety. Your eyes, after all, are great markers of beauty and expression. Droopy eyelids aren’t simply unappealing, but they also affect your body language...

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