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Are you suffering from droopy eyelids? Do your eyelids droop downwards, hooding over your eyes? While droopy eyelids don’t cause any pain or discomfort, they can be a source of considerable shame and social-anxiety.
Your eyes, after all, are great markers of beauty and expression. Droopy eyelids aren’t simply unappealing, but they also affect your body language. For example, people often say that a genuine smile is found in the sparkle in one’s eyes and not the upward tilt of their lips. Droopy eyelids prevent you from communicating your joy, which can also affect people’s perception of your personality.
If you have droopy eyelids, medically called ptosis, you may wonder how you can fix them. Currently, there are two ideal treatments for droopy eyelids — Botox, the non-surgical option, and eyelid surgery, the surgical option. Let’s dive in and discover more on the causes of droopy eyelids and how a cosmetic surgeon can fix them with or without surgery.

Age: The Leading Cause of Droopy Eyelids

Age is the leading cause of droopy eyelids. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity, eventually starting to droop downwards. While your skin may droop all over your face, it is most prominent around your eyes. There are two common reasons for age-related droopy eyelids. The fatty tissue deposits on the upper lid may make your eyelids puffy and droopy. You may suffer from ptosis, i.e., the muscles responsible for eyelid movements gradually weaken, leading to droopy eyelids. An experienced cosmetic surgeon or doctor would determine the anatomical change leading to droopy eyelids before recommending a treatment plan.

Botox: The Non-Surgical Treatment for Droopy Eyelids

Botox, a product containing botulinum toxins, is the best non-surgical means of treating droopy eyelids caused by sagging skin or wrinkles. Botox tightens the skin around your eyes, fixing the droopy eyelids. Botox is usually associated with smoothing wrinkles, so you may wonder how it can treat droopy eyelids. However, a skilled cosmetic surgeon will strategically inject Botox to use the push/pull of facial muscles to create a brow lift, elevating the brow to remove the droopy eyelid from your eyes.

Eyelid Surgery: The Surgical Treatment for Droopy Eyelids

Eyelid surgery is the ideal means of treating droopy eyelids, regardless of the root cause of droopy eyelids. During blepharoplasty (the medical term for eyelid surgery), the doctor removes the excess skin and fat deposits from your eyelids through incisions made on the upper lid. Once the excess skin is removed, your skin will appear tighter and more relaxed. Your cosmetic surgeon may also use Botox or other methods to give you a brow lift, which can further optimize the results.
The entire blepharoplasty procedure concludes within 45 minutes, with no downtime. The procedure is painless because the doctor provides local anesthesia with conscious sedation, so you don’t feel a thing. People are understandably concerned about scarring and recovery. However, blepharoplasty is a completely safe procedure with a negligible risk of side effects and rapid fast recovery. As for the scar — it’s barely visible, even without makeup.

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